Popular Skill Pickup Item Pack on Sale


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Check the Popular Skill Pickup Item Pack !

●Sales Period
From: Mar/15/2024, 1:00 pm (JST)
Until: Mar/22/2024, 12:59 pm (JST)

The skills picked up this time are
・ATK Doping
・Enerca Burn

The equipment in these packs will be
Weapons ☆3~☆5, with up to 10 times higher chance to get one of the picked up skill!

This equipment item pack comes with the following items.
Hirotium 50000
Gold Crystal 1000

Notation of probability

When you purchase treasures, the following probabilities will appear
When you purchase a treasure, there is a chance that you will get a 3 to 5 star equipment item.

Items will appear with the following probability.
The same applies to equipment items from 3 to 5.

Equipment items that appear will always have a skill attached.
The probability of drawing the skill is as follows.

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