Dragon Attack!


Attack the dragons and get medals and gemstones!

○Event Period
From: Jan/12/2024, 1:00 pm (JST)
Until: Jan/19/2024, 12:50 pm (JST)

※The date of appearance of the red dragon was incorrectly listed.
The correct date is
Thursday, January 18.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Green Dragon Jade appears!

The Green Dragon Jade appeared in the Dragon Attack Event!

The Green Dragon Jade will appear at random locations at random times during the event.

During this period, the Blue dragon will always appear around Japan.

During this period, the red dragon will appear 2 times.

Red Dragon Appearance Time(JST)

The first time

1/14 midnight~Pillar of Light(12h)

1/14 12:00~Materialization(12h)

The second time

1/18 midnight~Pillar of Light(12h)

1/18 12:00~Materialization(12h)

Collected medals and gemstones can be exchanged for various items at the exchange site!

Dragon Event limited edition equipment items that can be exchanged at the Exchange.

Click here for more information about the exchange.↓

The blowing distance changes depending on the number of surviving turns!

The Dragon Attack Event will be held periodically in the future.
The hero medals and treasure you earn will be carried over even after the event ends.

Thank you for your continued support of Crosslink.

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