I will explain how to register your wallet address with Coincheck.
Coincheck handles Bitcoin, IOST, and various virtual currencies. I hope you will take this opportunity to become interested in cryptocurrency transactions !!

Coin check

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  1. 1. Click the button to open an account on the coin check top screen. Register your email address and password.
  1. 2. When the email arrives at the registered email address, click the URL in the text. Go to the download page of the app.

Download and install the Coincheck wallet app from the App Store, Google Play Store, etc.

Install the wallet app from the store on your smartphone.

(In the image, Coin check As explained in, it doesn’t matter which other app you use, as long as it is a Bitcoin wallet app. Also, as a cross-link formula, Coin check Is not recommended. )

* The following images are from iPhone.


Search for Coincheck in the store and tap Install to install.

  1. 3. Log in with the email address and password registered with the installed Coincheck app.

A confirmation email will be sent after you log in.

Click the link in the email to move to the verification document submission page.

  1. 4. Authenticate your phone number.

On the page for submitting identity verification documents, perform the procedure for phone number verification.

SMS is used for phone number verification.

Please enter the 6-digit verification code sent to your device.

  1. 5. Submit your identity verification documents.

After checking various important matters and checking, after checking all items

Click the "Submit Identity Verification Documents" button.


When submitting confirmation documents
You will need to submit a "document with a photo of your face and a photo of yourself".

The required number of sheets depends on the documents to be submitted.

Coin check

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