What is an audience?

What is an audience 01

Audiences are heroes who are a little bit evil and support the villains in the shadows.

What is an audience 02

You can watch the finals on the final day of the Villan Challenge.

In addition, the audience can decide on a “push” villain and support the push villain with diamonds and advertisements.

If you support the villain, you can increase the attack power, defense power, HP, etc. of the villain.

For villains, how to get an audience has a big influence on the game.

What is an audience 03

If the recommended villain wins, the “diamond used for cheering” will be multiplied and returned. I have no choice but to do my best to support this.

The “odds” of how much magnification is returned can be confirmed when deciding the recommended villain.

Audience is “everyone”.
Only a handful of people take part in the Villan Challenge, fight and win.
Apart from that, you can enjoy this villain challenge as entertainment.
For the audience, the Vilan Challenge is both a vote, a play, and an “opportunity” to win a lot of diamonds.

Who is likely to win? Is it likely to be number one?

Please support your favorite player, Villain, who you want to be number one.

When the cheering player becomes a villain, the diamond used as an audience will be returned as a reward at a certain magnification.

(The multiplier depends on the percentage of users pushing each villain. The fewer villains there are, the higher the reward multiplier).

Audiences will also benefit from the victory of the villain. That’s why the audience also seriously supports the push.

This is the Vilan Challenge!