What is Villan Challenge?


The Villain Challenge is a battle in which a hero challenges to become the strongest “villain” in the world.


The Villan Challenge will take place over a three-day period in the form of qualifying, semi-finals and finals. It will be a win with the top number of people every day.


The Villain Challenge will be given a dedicated Villain HP and Villain SP. The higher the hero’s HP and SP, the higher the villain’s HP and SP.


Points used as a result of the challenge can be obtained by competing for a special item called “Villanium”.


To steal the villain, aim for another villain.

If you can catch up on the earth and reduce the opponent’s HP to zero, you can steal Villanium.


There are some skills that can only be activated in the Villan Challenge !! Look for them, collect them, and get them!


The Villan Challenge has a support from other players called “Audience” !!!

Appeal yourself and win a large audience before the Villan Challenge!

In order to appeal, you can also write comments such as what to do when you become a villain !!

Villan Challenge is a content for advanced users in Crosslink.

The Villan Challenge will be held according to the following rules.

1. In the Villain Challenge, heroes aiming for villains fight across the world.

2. Collect villaniums scattered all over the world to earn points.
Points are collected in the following ways.

  • Every time you pick up a villanium, you get points (10000pt)
  • Points will be awarded according to the time you have the villanium (50pt / sec)
  • If you have Villanium at the end of the Villan Challenge, points will be added (1 million points per piece)

3. Villains can move widely on the earth.

4. A certain number of villaniums will be randomly scattered on the earth immediately after the start of the battle.

5. You can have multiple villaniums at the same time.

6. The number of villaniums that are attacked and robbed by others is half the number of possessions.

7. You cannot attack a villain who does not have a villain.

8. When Villan HP becomes zero, you or your audience must recover HP before you can act.

9. There are two types of recovery for Villan HP, one is HP recovery with recovery-only items, and the other is relief that can be done only when HP is zero.

10. The Villan Challenge will be held over a three-day period, including qualifying, the main race, and the final.

11. In the qualifying and the main race, a certain number of top players have won.

12. In combat with enemy villain candidates, the attacking side only damages the defensive side, not the attacking side.

13. If you set the Eneruka usage multiple at the start of dispatch, you will be able to attack using Enerka during battle.

14. If you set the SP technique at the start of dispatch, you will be able to use the SP technique during battle.

15. After attacking the enemy, you will be blown away to a point about 1000km away from the opponent.

16. The current value of Villan SP will not recover unless you rescue from a down state or receive support for SP recovery from the audience (limited to the last day).

17. If the target villanium is stolen by someone first, it will be dispatched to that person, and when it arrives, it will be a battle.