What is Abyss Seed?


Abyss Seed is a ticket that allows you to participate in a battle called “Villain Challenge”!
Abyss seed is in-game or External NFT market You can get it with tokenlink!


Abyss Seed has a character called Metios Road, and you can hear the voice of Metios Road just by holding it.


There are three types of abyss seeds, origin, relic, and replica, and the effects obtained from each are different.

Villan system

Abyss Seed is an item that allows you to participate in the Villain Challenge.
Also, each one is given a different character, which also means a collector’s item.

Winning the Villan Challenge gives you control over certain features of the game and the right to receive a portion of the proceeds from the controlled game features.

Aiming for product growth together with users by transferring operations to people with high skill literacy and understanding of game functions and skills that can acquire rare items, and at the same time providing incentives that can aim for product success together I want to go.

Abyss seed is a key item necessary for the concept of “users participate in operation”, which is important as a blockchain game.
Crosslink is ultimately aimed at being operated by a decentralized organization called DAO.