Ver1.6.4 Update Information


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We have released the latest version (1.6.6) on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.(JST)

Update Contents
New addition

Equipment item fusion function

→You can use diamonds to fuse the experience values of equipment items (equipment level/skill level) into a single equipment item.

Skills cannot be inherited.

“Fusing an equipment item with skill B with an equipment item without skill A will not give skill B to A.

→New Skill: Gold Crystal Stock

When fusing an equipment item with no skills (A) with an equipment item with 2 or more skill levels (B), the gold crystals used for B will be given to the equipment item (A) as a skill called “Gold Crystal Stock”.

 The gold crystal stock has no effect in battle or when dispatched.

A new element has been added to the Villain Challenge.

→Metios Lord Gift

During the Villain Challenge, a Metios Lord Gift will appear on the map at regular intervals.

When you acquire a Metios Lord Gift, you will receive an item that has various effects.

The items will only work during the Villain Challenge.

The detailed contents of the Metios Lord Gift will be described in a separate announcement.


→Audience Meteor

On the third day of the Villain Challenge, this will be added as one of the Audience’s cheers.

When activated, after a certain amount of time, it will indiscriminately attack a specific area around the location specified by the audience.

Display country names on the earth on the home screen.

→Added the ability to show/hide the country name from the options screen.

Update / change
・Updated UI for equipment item level up.

→Updated UI for leveling up to specified level from UI for leveling up by holding down the button.

・Changed landmark names to be able to register up to 60 characters.

Bug fixes
UI adjustment

Scheduled Store Update Time
Scheduled to be released on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, around 15:00 p.m.(JST)

・Please note that it may take some time for the store to reflect the changes. Please note that it may take some time for the store to reflect the changes.

Update version
  Release version: 1.6.6

Thank you for your continued support of Crosslink.

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