How to itemize
1. Create an IOST wallet

Please visit the website JIOSTA to learn how to make an ISOT wallet.

operated by partner nodes, not by the IOST Foundation.

You can also ask questions about iost in the LINE open chat.

Open up TokenLink using chrome with one of the supported wallet extensions installed; iWallet or Jetstream.
3. Register your player ID.
Open the Account Settings page by clicking on the "Account" menu item in the upper right corner of the TokenLink website, enter your Player Id in the "Player Id" field and press Save.
Confirming your Player ID
Open the Player Info page from the Miscellaneous options page.
Tap the Player ID field to copy it to clipboard.
4.Itemizing tokens
Select the Equipment Item you wish to Itemize from your inventory list
which can be found under Account > Inventory.
Clicking on the item opens up the Equipment Item Details page, here you can press the "Export" button to Itemize your token.
5.Receiving the itemized item.
Itemized items can be retrieved through the gift box in Crosslink.
The item will be sent to the Player Id you selected in step 3, so please be very careful to enter the correct Player ID.
Itemizing items may take some time so please be patient.
If you have not received your item after a day has passed, please contact customer support for further assistance.