Itemization method
1. 1. Create an IOST wallet
On the website JIOSTA
See how to make an ISOT wallet.
JIOSTA / Geosta (
Not the IOST Foundation
This is a site operated by a partner node.

Even with LINE open chat
You can ask questions about IOST

Open it in iwallet chrome or Jetsteam wallet.
3. 3. Register player ID
TOKEN LINK screen top right account from
Open the account settings screen and
In the player ID field Player ID Enter the.
How to check the player ID
From Crosslink Other> Options
Opens the player information screen.
You can copy by tapping the player ID.
4. Itemize
From Account> Owned Items List
Select the equipment item you want to itemize.
From the equipment item details screen,
Click the export button.
5. Receive equipment items
The itemized equipment items are
You can receive it from the cross-link present box.
Since it will be sent to the player ID specified in 3.
Please enter the player ID without any mistakes.
It may take some time to itemize.
If you do not receive it after one day
Please contact us for inquiries.