How to play the game

Tap on a piece of land anywhere on earth in order to dispatch your hero to that location!

By sending out heroes on dispatches they will become stronger and acquire new items that you can use to train your heroes!

The basic idea is to dispatch your heroes and leave the game unattended, then later when you have some free time join the raid battles against the giant metios!

Your best chance to earn money is during events!
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A dispatch is when you tap on a piece of land on earth in order to send your hero to battle at that location.

During the dispatch enemies will appear and your hero will fight them while moving towards the target destination.

While a dispatch is in progress, you can tap anywhere on the screen in order to attack the enemies.

If you happen to have a special weapon with skills equipped, there will be a skill icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap it to perform various special attacks!

If all of your heroes are currently out on dispatches in progress, you may not start another dispatch.

While your heroes are out on dispatches an icon of your hero will appear on the earth, tap it to check the status of your hero and to see how the dispatch is going!

When you tap on a piece of land, a yellow circle will appear around your hero, this circle represents the maximum distance which the hero can travel.

You can not start a dispatch outside of the area of this circle.

This circle will get wider as your hero becomes stronger!

There is no need to worry about losing any progress.

Even if the application or the phone is turned off completely, your hero will continue their dispatch automatically.

The next time you launch the application, any items acquired by your hero while the application was closed will be displayed.

After that you may check the status of your hero by tapping on the hero’s icon.


These are items that can be acquired through dispatches and other means, each have different effects.

Herotium is a type of mineral that can be used to strengthen equipment items.

Gold crystal is a very rare mineral that can be used to enhance the level of skills on equipment items.

Enerca is a substance that is rich in life-energy and can be used to increase attack power against powerful enemies.

There are two types of equipment items, weapons and accessories.

By tapping your heroes icon and pressing the “Switch Equipment” button in the lower left you will be able to equip specific equipment types.

There are various kinds of weapons such as swords, spears, guns, fist weapons and goggles.

There are also weapons that have skills, however they are very rare.

There are two types of equipment items, weapons and accessories.

There are various kinds of accessories such as buckles, earrings, bangles and amulets. You may only have one of each type equipped at a time with the exception of amulets which you may have two equipped at a time.

By tapping your heroes icon and pressing the “Switch Equipment” button in the lower left you will be able to equip specific equipment types.

There are also accessories that have skills, however they are very rare.

Press the “Item Menu” button at the bottom of the home screen and then press the “Equipment Item” button to switch to the item menu screen.

The icons of the weapons and accessories you have will be displayed here, select one of them.

By tapping the “Strengthen” button at the bottom you can spend Herotium to increase the power of the equipment.

You can specify how much you would like to strengthen the equipment item by using the buttons on the left and right sides.


Weapons can have one of the following elements: Fire, Water, Wind, & No element

Fire Element: Increased damage against wind-element enemies and reduced damage against water-element enemies.

Water Element: Increased damage against fire-element enemies and reduced damage against wind-element enemies.

Wind Element: Increased damage against water-element enemies and reduced damage against fire-element enemies.

No Element: No increase or decrease of damage against enemies of any element type.

Accessories can have one of the following elements: Fire, Water, Wind, & No element

Fire Element: Reduced damage taken by wind-element enemies.

Water Element: Reduced damage taken by fire-element enemies.

Wind Element: Reduced damage taken by water-element enemies.

No Element: No damage reduction bonuses against enemies of any element type.

Treasure Storage

The treasure storage is where acquired treasures are stored.

In order to open stored treasures they first need to be analyzed.

Treasure that is currently being analyzed will be displayed at the top with the remaining time displayed above it.

The slots below hold treasures that are next in line to be analyzed, Their remaining times are also displayed above each treasure.

The time it takes to analyze scales with the rarity of the treasure.

Treasure are analyzed in the following order: Top Left > Top Center > Top Right > Middle Right > Middle Center > Middle Left > Bottom Left > Bottom Center > Bottom Right

This order can be changed by holding down the treasure you want to move and dragging it to the location you want to move it to.

When you first start playing the game, the bottom 3 slots are locked which means you have a total of 6 treasure storage slots including the slot for the treasure that is currently being analyzed.

The bottom 3 slots can be unlocked using diamonds, increasing the total number of storage slots to 10.

If you want to instantly open a treasure that is taking a long time to analyze, you can use an Analysis Pass to instantly analyze the treasure.

The longer the treasure takes to analyze, the more passes are required to instantly analyze it.

If you acquire a new treasure while the storage treasure is full, you will have to choose to either instantly analyze that treasure using analysis passes or discard the treasure.

Equipment Item Details

At the top part of the item details the follow equipment attributes are displayed: name, icon, rarity, strength, level, kind and attack type( weapons only)

Strength: The total sum of the items stats is displayed as one value called Strength.

Level: The level of the item, can be enhanced using Herotium.

Kind: The equipment kind is displayed as an icon. Weapon kinds include: swords, guns, fist weapons and goggles. Accessory kinds include: buckles. earrings, bangles and amulets.

Attack Type (Weapons only): Attack types include: slashing, piercing, crushing and heat ray.

Under the section labeled “Details” the following stats are displayed: HP, SP, Attack, Defense and Agility.

HP: Increases the HP of the hero.

SP: Increases the SP of the hero.

Attack: Increases the damage the hero deals to enemies.

Defense: Reduces the damage the hero takes from enemies.

Agility: Increases the movement speed of heroes during dispatches.

By tapping the arrows to the left and right you can switch to the description and skill sections of the equipment item.

By pressing the “Strengthen” button at the bottom of the Equipment Item Details screen, you can increase the level of the item.

The amount of herotium required to level up the item is displayed on the “Strengthen” button.

You can specify the amount of levels you would like to add to the weapon using the arrows on the left and right side.

By increasing the level of the weapon, the stats of the weapon will be increased.

You can raise the Lv of the item by pressing the “Strengthen” button at the bottom of the screen.

The “Strengthen” button shows the amount of herotium needed to level up.

Tap the button once to raise the semi-circular gauge under the weapon name, and press and hold “Strengthen” to raise the gauge for as long as you hold it down.

When the gauge goes up completely, Lv will increase by 1 and the parameters in “Details” will be strengthened.

Giant Metios Predictions

When tapping on a pillar of light that can appear on the earth, or pressing the “Recommended Action” button, you can attempt to predict and scout for future giant metios battles.

There are two methods you can use to scout for giant metios battles, either by using diamonds or by watching an advertisement.

Scouting points will accumulate by scouting and every time a certain threshold is met, the rewards for that giant metios battle will be improved!

Hero Missions

Hero missions are mission objectives such as “Complete 1 Dispatch” that are displayed on the screen.

By completing these missions your heroes stats will increase according to the mission reward.

Once you have completed all of the available hero missions your hero will progress to the next rank!

If you find a mission to be too difficult or if you do not like the rewards of that mission, you can use diamonds to swap it out for a new mission.

The first mission change after a rank up is free.

Equipment Switching

You can change the equipped items of a hero.

You can equip and switch items in any of the 6 equipment slots displayed on the sides of the hero.

In the slots of the left column going down you can equip the following items: weapons, earrings, bracelets. In the slots of the right column going down you can equip the following items: buckles, amulet #1, amulet #2

If you want to switch an equipment item, tap the slot which you would like to switch out and then on the item you would like to change to that item.

If you tap the “Equip Recommended Items” button, items with the highest strength will automatically be equipped.

You can remove all equipment items by pressing the “Unequip all” button in the lower right corner.

Giant Metios Battles

After a hero you have sent towards a giant metios arrive at their destination, you will enter a battle against the giant metios.

By tapping the screen during the battle you can perform attacks against the giant metios, the higher amount of damage you can inflict on the giant metios during the battle, the higher your ranking(see below) will be.

The current round of the battle is displayed at the top of screen, and the further you progress in these rounds the more damage you will be able to inflict, however, at the same time the enemies damage will also become more powerful.

The key to achieving high rankings is to survive and fight through as many rounds as possible.

During giant metios battles meteorites will be constantly raining down on your hero, inflicting damage.

By tapping on the meteorites before the fall down you can destroy them and prevent your hero from taking damage.

The vertical gauge on the right side of the screen shows the amount of enerca the player currently has, and by pressing the lightning-bolt shaped button you can switch attack mode to constantly consume enerca when attacking the giant metios.

This mode of attacking is very powerful but it will end if you run out of Enerca.

Each time you tap the lightning-bolt shaped button while in this mode, the Enerca consumption rate will increase, further increasing damage dealt.

Using Enerca to attack is also part of the key for achieving high rankings.

Because the giant metios are extremely powerful to the point where a single hero stands no chance to defeat them, other heroes will also join in on the same battle against the giant metios.

After the giant metios battle ends, the heroes who have inflicted higher damage against the metios will be considered to have contributed more in the battle, and the rankings will be determined according to this contribution.

By achieving higher ranks you can receive more special rewards.

However, even if you were unable to make the rankings list, you can still earn participation rewards!

Giant Metios Battle Rewards

Giant metios battles end after a predetermined time has passed.

After the battles have ended, the rankings list according to battle contributions will be determined and you will be able to receive both special ranking rewards and participation rewards.

You can check the contribution rankings details by pressing the magnifying glass icon in the bottom right corner.

Information Regarding Wallets

You can find the Player Info screen under the “Others” menu item in the bottom of the screen.

If you have acquired BTC there will be a “Receive to wallet” button under that screen.

If you press this button but have not yet registered a wallet, you will be taken to the “First-time Wallet Registration & SMS Verification” screen.

*If you plan to change your device, please make sure to withdraw your BTC before doing so.

On the first-time wallet registration & SMS verification screen, please enter your wallet address and phone number, then carefully read and agree to the terms of service before pressing the send button.

On the next screen please enter the verification code you received by SMS. Once the verification has been completed you will be taken to the “Verification Successful” screen.

By pressing the “Next” button you will be taken to the BTC withdrawal screen.

The total amount of BTC in your possession is displayed at the top, please enter the the amount you would like to withdraw in the field in the middle of the screen and press “OK”.

The BTC will be transferred to the registered wallet address.

▼ For more details, please go to the link below

Instructions on how to withdraw BTC

Improving Equipment Items During Dispatches

If you defeat a certain number of enemies during a dispatch, the level of your equipped weapon or accessory will increase.

When the item levels up, each of its stats will increase as well.

When the HP and SP stats increase, the maximum amount of HP and SP will increase.

This does not mean that the current HP and SP values will increase so your HP and SP will not be restored from leveling up equipped items.

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