Climbers Collaboration


This is a cross-link operation.

We will be holding a collaboration campaign with the new “Climbers”.

○Event Period

From Nov. 7, 1:00 p.m.
Until Nov. 21 , 1:00 p.m.

◆What is Climbers?

Climbers is a battle royale racing game for smartphones that began distribution in October 2023.
Based on Platinum Egg’s experience and achievements in developing and operating multiple blockchain games, we believe that the “prize model economy” will become the mainstream economy for blockchain games in the future, and we have created a more sophisticated model for Climbers, which is basically a long-term, multi-year or more, social game. We aim to incorporate an economic model that can aim for game longevity and a blockchain game with a sustainable economic sphere.

Climbers Web Site

◆What is Mithril?
“Mithril” is a token issued by Mithril Egg for GameFi/Metaverse.

Climbers is a blockchain game developed and operated by Japanese gaming company Platinum Egg, which has adopted the Mithril Token as its in-game ecosystem.


The listing of the Mithril Token on a major international exchange will activate the economic system more as a blockchain game.

This listing is expected to increase the overall value of Climbers tokens and further develop the project.

Campaign Details

◆Special Owner’s Quest!
In these Climbers owner’s Quests, Mithril can be obtained.

○Owner’s Quest Schedule
 Nov. 9  12:00 p.m.~
 Nov. 14  12:00 p.m.~
 Nov. 20  12:00 p.m.~

◆Metios around the world will change into Climbers characters!
During the campaign period, Metios that appear around the world will be transformed into Climbers characters.
“Climbers tickets” can be obtained from the ranking rewards of the collaboration metios and exchanged for limited edition parts and other items at the exchange.

◆A limited collaboration login bonus will be held!
During the campaign period, a login bonus will be held to obtain “Climbers Tickets” and other items for consumption!

Thank you for your continued support of crosslinks.

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