Co-op Golem Conquest Battle!


This is a cross-link operation.

Co-op Golem Conquest Battle!
will be held starting October 27.

○Event Period
From: Oct/27/2023, 1:00 pm (JST)
Until: Nov/3/2023, 1:00 pm (JST)

Notice of Golem Status Adjustment

Golem status has been adjusted based on the results of the 1st Golem Battle.

・Golem HP has been reduced overall.

・The difference in HP by golem rank has been reduced.

・Golems that last only 6 hours will no longer appear.

◆Everyone work together to defeat the Golem!

At last, the defeatable Giant Metios has appeared!

Work with other players and defeat the golem before the time limit is up!

*Golem defeating battles are not eligible for auto-repeat dispatching.

◆There is three types of rewards for the battle!

Ranking Rewards are avaliable as usual, and based on your rank.

Individual Damage Rewards, which are based on how much damage you did.

Successful Defeat Rewards, which will be distrubted by lottery after a successful defeat!

◆What is a Golem?
Golems only appear in the event area and have no light pillar.

When a Goldem is defeated or disappears after the time limit, a new Golem will appear in a different location.

Golems have a set amount of HP, and when the Golem’s HP is reduced to zero, it will be defeated.

If the Golem cannot be defeated within the time limit, it will disappear, but ranking rewards will be given out at that time.

◆What is the reward for succesfully defeating the Golem?

This reward is only received when succesfully defeating a Golem.

This reward is mainly cryptocurrency, and the amount increases as the number of participants in that Golem Battle increases and the battle intensifies.

When a Golem is successfully defeated, the accumulated rewards are given out to participants by lottery.

The more damage you inflict, the more chances you have to win the lottery!

※The rewarded crytocurrency type for defeating the Golem is randomly selected.

◆What is an individual damage reward?
These rewards are based on the damage you inflict on the Golem.

The damage count is unique to each Golem, and is not shared between Golems.

Individual damage rewards will be sent to your gift box once achieved.

◆Golem Shards have been added to the Item Exchange!

Skill guaranteed 3☆ to 5☆ treasure contains Goldem limited equipment that can only be found in these treasures.

*The amount of Golem Fragments you have will be carried over even after the event ends.

*The exchange limit for the Golem Fragment Exchange is reset every month.

◆Golem Special Equipment

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