Notice of Ver1.14.0 update


Crosslink Management.

The latest version (1.14.0) was released on Thu. May 11, 2023.

○Update Contents
New Features

•Friend system
Introducing a brand new Friend system! Make friends with those close and far away, exchange gifts, and see their friends on the world map!

・Updated how banners link to various announcements.

・Bug fixes.
-Fixed an issue where a server error was likely to occur when using SP techniques at certain times during raid battles.

-Fixed an issue where App shutdowns were causing Rising’s increased value to be carried over.

-As part of the response to an issue that was causing unintended damage, the Back button during battles has been temporarily removed.

•Performance Improvements.

○Expected store update time
May 11, 2023 (Thu.) from around 11:00 a.m.

It may take some time for the store to be updated. Please understand in advance.

○Updated version
Release version: 1.14.0

Thank you for your continued support.

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