The first villain challenge "Phoenix Road"

By acquiring Abyss Seed (Phoenix), you will be able to control the following numbers in Phoenix.

  • Phoenix destination
  • Phoenix spawn time
  • Phoenix appearance timing

Phoenix Abyss Seed Auction

2021/6/30 (Wednesday) auction starts on tokenlink !!

Abyss seeds come in a variety of origin relic replicas.
Only replica Abyss seeds will be dropped in-game.


  • Only one crystal that has been confirmed in the world, with the idea of COST (cost), which is Phoenix Road.
    It absorbs and grows when hirotium, which is a reinforced material, is brought close to it, and has the property of producing abyss seed relic with the idea of COST’s alter ego.

    Voice about 40 points

Abyss Seed Relic

  • There are only a few crystals in the world that have the ghost of COST, the Phoenix Road.

    Voice about 20 points

Abyss seed replica

  • An ore that has been altered by the thoughts of COST, the Phoenix Road.

    About 10 points

Abyss Seed Origin is a very valuable item.

There is only one origin for each Metios Road.

In addition, Abyss Seed Origin can create Abyss Seed Relic by giving a certain amount of Hirotium. (Only one is created for increasing Lv10.)

In other words, even if you raise it to Lv100, only 10 relics will be born.

Users with an origin will be able to keep valuable Abyss seeds on hand for a long time or buy and sell in the market.

Those who have Abyss Seed Origin can control the distribution of Abyss Seed Relic.